KK Studio Class Descriptions

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CREATIVE MOVEMENT (3-6yrs): An introduction to the world of dance. Must be potty trained ☺ . Full season commitment.
(Saturday Mornings) – Wait List Started.

BALLET: Ballet is the basis of all dance and creates strong, technical & dynamic dancers. Highly recommended.  Kids & Adult classes avail. (Monday’s)

JAZZ: A fun & exciting dance form that develops coordination, style, musicality, flexibility & strength.
Ballet recommended. *Jazz will be combined with Contemporary. (Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s)

TAP: Develops musicality, rhythm, style, as well as coordination. Plus, it’s just fun making noise with your feet.
*Tap may be combined with Musical Theatre. (Adult TAP Sessions: TBD) (Thursday’s)

HIP HOP: Various hip hop/street dance styles will be covered in this class. (Adult Hip Hop Sessions: TBD) (Tuesday’s & Thursday’s)

MUSICAL THEATRE: Focuses on theatrics, characterization & storytelling. Singing, music & acting will be included in this class. *Musical Theatre may be combined with Tap. (Thursday’s)

CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary borrows from jazz, ballet, funk, social dance styles & many modern dance styles. It encourages natural, spontaneous movement & personal interpretation. It also helps to define dancers abilities to express themselves through dance. Ballet recommended.
*Contemporary will be combined with Jazz. (Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s)

BOWEN ADULT DANCE TEAM: The BAD Team is for the more serious adult dancer & is a full season commitment (Sept. – June). Ms. Konno & members of this team, will work on a variety of styles of dance & create routines that will be performed at a dance competition, as well as the KKS Year End Show.  (Wednesday’s) – Wait List Started.

ADULT DROP IN DANCE CARDIO CLASSES: Dance Cardio classes will not be part of the regular KK Studio Season & will not perform in the KK STUDIO YEAR END SHOW. They are offered year round. The registration form for these classes can be found at www.bowendance.ca (it is different than the KK Studio Registration Form).

ACTING: Acting is the art form of life. (Kid & Adult Acting Sessions: TBD)

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private lessons are available from all of our faculty members, if space & time permit. Email studio to inquire.